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    Our global insurance practice helps insurers around the world successfully meet many challenges. We can assist you ask the right questions, set priorities and outline the action plans required to achieve in the fast-shifting insurance landscape.

    We developed our global insurance center to respond to challenges which is present in Insurance. The center is a hub of the our experts committed to serving this market and connects individuals around the globe, sharing information and knowledge on currentand rising business problems.

    Solvency II

    Almost 80% of European insurers are on track to carry out Solvency II by 1 Jan 2016
    Regulative solvency requirements for insurance firms under the European Solvency II framework will considerably impact the institutional asset management industry.
    Policy makers in Brussels have currently provided the European insurance industry with much required clarity on the formal begin date for Solvency II. This clearness, in conjunction with EIOPA's directions on how supervisors ought to act in the period from 1 January 2014 through to January 2016 in arrangement for Solvency II. The difference now is that we are operating towards a well known start date of 1 January 2016.

    EIOPA's guidelines for Supervisors to follow from January 2014 are based on Solvency II principles and only solely target on 4 key topics: focusing on assessment of own risks, systems of governance, submission of information to supervisors and pre-application for internal models. Many supervisors within EU are accepting Solvency II governance and risk management procedures including Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA), additionally disclosure requirements in place from 2014, in line with these EIOPA instructions. On prime of this, many supervisors across the EU are asking insurers to develop a proposal to explain how they will be Solvency II compliant from January 2016.

    Uniwides helps businesses to modify and accelerate implementation, and tackle the strategic as well as the technical challenges of Solvency II.
    Additionally, Uniwides offers continual or event-based monitoring of Solvency Capital necessities for market risks arising from the investment structure of the fund under the standard methodology. Uniwides also provides the fund company's sales staff with Solvency II Factsheets that supplement the standard Factsheets to assist investing insurers make the simplest attainable risk and reward decisions.
    We are also working closely with insurers in different jurisdictions – US, Australia, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan and the China amongst other leading global insurance centers on how to deal with the implications of Solvency II for businesses located there.