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    Uniwides extensive experience in Healthcare industry, Business Intelligence & Analytics practice has helped us drive analytical offerings for Healthcare and Life Sciences.

    Some of the challenges met in Healthcare industry include:
    • Ageing population
    • Rising Medical Cost Containment:
    • Research Cost
    • Equipment Cost
    • Manufacturing Cost
    • Fraudulent claim
    • Disease Management
    • Surface of new Diseases

    Pharma Analytics:
    Some affairs on Pharmaceutical industry are changing regulatory focus and effective product, channels and sales strategy development including determining the target market and promotional ROI analysis. We use our strong knowledge in Pharma business

    domain to provide the following analytics:
    • Segmentation Analytics
    • Market share Analysis
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Pipeline analysis
    • Therapy area reports
    • Brand Positioning

    Advanced Payer Analytics:
    Uniwides Advanced Payer Analytics is a platform that provides reports from a Payer Analytics perspective addressing the Payer objectives. It is built over the following analysis models.
    • Comparative Effectiveness Research
    • Cost Effective Analysis
    • Evidence Based Medicine
    • Pay For Performance

    Hospital Utilization Analytics:
    Uniwides with its range of Hospital Utilization Analysis Dashboards and Reports caters to a wide range of user’s e.g. Physicians, Medical Directors and CEO’s. The various Analytic reports are given by us help the Hospitals to obtain a 360-degree snapshot of the hospital performance and take proactive decisions.

    Few of the key factors for Analysis are:
    • Top doctors by revenue per patient.
    • DRG Analysis for a period (month / year).
    • Length Of Stay Analysis – Inpatients vs. Length of Stay range.
    • Average Length of Stay (ALOS) investigated against factors like treating physician, department, bed type or disease.