Healthcare Infrastructure Planning

Healthcare Infrastructure planning & execution

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    With a broad and technologically portfolio, Uniwides provides technical and organisational support to Ministries, public and private health care organisations, teaching and university hospitals and small health centres and clinics.

    • Clinical, Technical and Management Capacity Building
    • 'Green' Hospitals
    • Essential Drugs and Consumables Management
    • Hospital Commissioning and Management
    • Healthcare System / Hospital Planning Support
    • Hygiene Management

  • Service Images Clinical, Technical and Management Capacity Building

    The nature and needs of health service organizations in both the public and private sectors are changing dramatically. Along with the introduction of technology and infrastructure, it is turning into progressively vital to pay attention to clinical, technical and management competence building in the areas of leadership and governance, human resource management, financial management, planning and logistics and monitoring and evaluation, moreover as other internal systems and processes. As part of uniwides full scope of capacity building services, various clinical, non-clinical and support service functions are assessed and capacity building needs identified. We partner with many universities and healthcare organizations across the globe which helps us to develop and offer evidence based plans in consultation with relevant consumer representatives. Performance indicators are detected for each area and benchmarking done in line with local requirements and international best practices. An integral part of our capability building services is to develop and execute maintenance training packages for medical equipment and infrastructure. These include making maintenance policies and manuals, in order that the investment into equipment and infrastructure remains a property one. A Part of developing a maintenance strategy for clinic includes setting up a maintenance service, which can be created using an in-house team or by outsourcing to a private company. Clinical, technical and management trainings which including healthcare and facility study tours if requested are carried out by professionals from relevant fields with follow-up assessments performed to judge improvement. Our capability building services leads to the delivery of skilled personnel with the ability to contribute to ownership, sustainability, improved organizational services and merchandise.

  • Service Images Green Hospitals

    Uniwides supports the concept of ‘green’ hospital design wherever possible in the projects it implements. These considerations are far reaching and will bit on multiple aspects of a hospital construction or refurbishment project, such as, initially at the planning stages, in determining site location, re-use of existing structures, economical building footprint and standardization of room sizes to permit flexibility of use.
    Throughout the different stages of a construction or refurbishment project, we identify and promote the need for integrating environmentally sustainable and accountable approaches, in the form of application of renewable energy technologies such as solar and wind power to supply electricity, pump water and maintain cold chains, and application of energy efficient technologies for lighting as well as air cooling or heating, use of natural ventilation, rainwater harvesting, and alternative technologies.
    The plan of a ‘green’ hospital is absolutely aligned with our mission to form health systems more efficient, since it comprises environmental and economic factors of hospital construction and operation.

  • Service Images Essential Drugs and Consumables Management

    Capacity and efficiency in the procurement and supply management of essential drugs and consumables plays a crucial role in the healthcare sector particularly within in the space of primary healthcare. Recognition and documentation of best practices beside with lessons learnt provides the premise for the development and implementation of robust, transparent and responsive acquisition and provide systems.
    Our essential drugs and medical consumables management services begin with a review of needs based on consumption patterns and reports. This ends up in an actual requirement and procurement process planning based on applicable guidelines and policies from the funding agency and the purchaser, in accordance with market budgets.
    Our in-depth knowledge of relevant quality and cost-effectiveness problems permit us to assist in obtaining the best overall price for the purchaser. We tend to closely monitor the supply and distribution of products to health facilities and warehouses, make sure that bottlenecks are addressed and also the supply process is fine-tuned.
    Support is given in pre and post-shipment inspections, furthermore as making certain completion of all performance guaranties and payment formalities. We tend to conjointly undertake an in-depth analysis of the acquisition and supply system together with mapping of the suppliers. Our services support the complete management cycle.

  • Service Images Hospital Commissioning and Management

    Uniwides comprehends the complexities concerned in coordinating multiple stakeholders to deliver a brand new or reconfigured hospital on time and on budget. Our comprehensive Hospital Commission and Management services address useful designing and quality assurance problems alongside equipment and maintenance planning and human resource development. We put on well-defined and area specific processes together with transparent financial management and dominant procedures. We have cast valuable partnerships with highly experienced hospital architects and interior designers even at the regional level. This makes us to develop room by room functional plans that follow international hospital planning, facility and quality management standards, whereas factorization within the complicated regional socio-economic and cultural aspects of hospital commissioning and management.
    Starting with assessment of the concept style, functional planning is followed by the development of room loaded detailed planning – all whereas operating in close collaboration with the stakeholders. Aspects that are taken into consideration include such as environmentally friendly design, clinical and functional productivity, up-to-date healthcare technology and IT systems. As standard pre-commissioning activities, we make sure that all necessary systems and protocols are in place and that the hospital has acquired all regulatory approvals and licenses.
    Appropriate management capacity is vital in daily operations. To confirm a smooth client handover, we also believe facility management for a time-bound period. Using participatory ways, our professional team coach and adviser the client’s management team to develop technical and managerial capacities whereas providing support to fine tune systems and processes.

  • Service Images Healthcare System / Hospital Planning Support

    Uniwides Healthcare System and Hospital Planning Support services are based on quality management practices that make sure the success from project inception to project completion. We make development plans that cover the complex Healthcare System and Hospital Planning Support process whether or not it’s a healthcare facility renovation or full scale hospital construction. Beginning with a beta study, market research is carried out then needs are assessed, taking into consideration of all appropriate regional, national and local factors. Our skilled team together with healthcare architects and health planners conduct a technical feasibility study and cost and benefit analysis to develop a plan of potential measures. After that these measure are evaluated against a variety of quantitative indicators and point out minimum requirements, as well as preferred needs and best practice solutions. The final plan is a solution for all stakeholders such as donors, clinicians, patients and service providers which is clinically and technically sound and ensures value for money.
    Our full scale development plans which include programming, resource needs, cost estimates and cost benefit analysis lay the foundation for a technically and financially viable Business set up. We make sure the overall concept, design, financial features and requirements meet the determined scope of services and that major achievements and milestones over a stipulated time-frame are charted. These elaborate plans provide evidence-based decision making guidance for resource allocation.

  • Service Images Hygiene Management

    The issue of Hygiene is one in all the building blocks to making health systems more practical. At Uniwides a complete approach is taken to Hygiene, enclosing careful planning at the stage of design of health care infrastructures such as adequate ventilation to combat air-borne transmission, rounded corners to facilitate easy cleaning, placement and equipping of scrub-units and adequate consideration of patient, visitor and health care personnel flows to minimize opportunities for infection.
    In addition, planning for and coaching in hygiene management best follow is provided, with development of normal in operation procedures for infection control procedures like hand-washing, and for infectious and non-infectious health care waste disposal. The projects which involve procurement of Hygiene-related equipment, clients are suggested on cost-effective and sustainable solutions and assisted in specifying sharps-disposal units, incinerators, sterilizers, as well as protective equipment such as aprons, gloves and masks.

    Uniwides additionally has in-depth expertise in advising in Hygiene-related aspects of care for patients suffering from TB and Multi Drug Resistant TB, therefore helping healthcare facilities to manage nosocomial infections for improved health outcomes.