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Manufacturing Analytics:

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    Leading manufacturing companies leveraging Business Intelligence(BI) and Analytics to enable faster and more profitable decisions in a highly competitive and complex environment.

    Manufactures sell their products to end customers or to other manufactures who use the products as components. There are many parties involved in this supply chain with each needing to add value to the end product or service to differentiate themselves and drive competitive advantage. This interdependent and connected value chain relies on transparency and collaboration in order to deliver products at the appropriate cost and quality within the stringent and continually evolving environmental and legislative regulations manufacturing companies face.

    Questions such as these are vital to running a successful manufacturing business:
    • Do I know who my profitable customers and market segments are and do I successfully target them?
    • How can I ensure I meet and exceed my quality targets?
    • How can I ensure my order fulfillment rates hit the Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) I have in place with my key customers?
    • Do I have full visibility of inventory across my organization and can I optimize this?

    Putting the information in the hands of the people on the front line – those planning and managing production, buying materials, planning supply and demand, managing quality, inventory, waster or compliance – is key to enforcing a culture of fact-based decision making in manufacturing industries.

    We offer a range of services to our manufacturing industries clients that include:
    • Sales Planning and Customer Analytics
    • Marketing Effectiveness
    • Supply Chain and Procurement Analytics
    • Plant operation optimization