Property & Casualty Actuarial Consultancy

Actuarial Property & Casualty Services:

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    We are expert in dealing with the Property & Casualty Services which includes: Product Development, Underwriting and Pricing; Claims Reserving; and Marketing and Claims Analytics.

    Product Development, Underwriting and Pricing
    Uniwides offers end-to-end services, including:
    • Portfolio review and gain analysis for both personal and commercial lines
    • Integrated evaluation, underwriting and claims framework to support new development
    • Enhanced pricing techniques, as well as generalized linear models, stochastic and risk based techniques
    • Predictive modeling for client behavior, life time value and effectiveness of distribution channel
    • Specialized task in niche areas, like re-insurance pricing analysis, cross-selling opportunities for distribution channels

    Marketing and Claims Analytics
    we assist insurers in analyzing and leveraging the existing data for enlightening the business performance. Our insurance analytics services include

    Acquisition Analytics:

    • Client Segmentation
    • Market Sizing
    • Pricing Strategy
    • Marketing Scorecard
    • Channel Optimization

    Retention Analytics:

    • Price Sensitivity Analysis
    • Retention Modeling
    • Creating Profitability Versus Retention Matrix
    • Calculating Customers’ Life Time Value
    • Cross-Sell / Up-Sell Strategy and Modeling

    Claims Analytics:
    • Data Foundation Activities
    • Fraud Detection, Prioritization and Optimization of Subrogation Activities
    • Reserving Automated Claims