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Retirement Actuarial Services

Actuarial Solutions for Retirement:

  • Service Images Employee Benefits Actuarial valuation services

    We provide Employee benefits actuarial valuation services as per statutory requirements.
    Our employee benefits services include:

    1) Actuarial Valuation of :
    • Gratuity as per Payment of Gratuity Act 1972 or as per company specific rules folllowing GN 26 issued by Institute of    Actuaries of India
    • Privilege Leave & Sick Leave encashment
    • Pensions / Superannuation benefits
    • Interest Rate guarantee liability of Exempted Provident Fund folllowing GN 29 issued by Institute of Actuaries of India
    • Long term service award
    • Leave Travel Concession (LTC)/ Leave Fare Concession (LFC)
    • Loyalty point/ Reward point(Credit card) valuation

    2) Statutory reporting of employee benefits valuation as per:
    • Accounting Standard 15 (AS15 revised) issued by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
    • International Accounting Standard 19(IAS 19)
    • US and UK GAAP

    3) Other services:
    • Asset Liability management
    • Setting up actuarial basis and assumptions
    • Sensitivity Analysis and Actuarial Gain / Loss Analysis
    • Advisory services on employeee benefits issues during Merger & acquisitions
    • Advisory services on funding requirements and contribution rate of different Employee Benefits funds
    • Advice on conversion from Defined Benefits scheme to Defined Contribution scheme